Software products for your business

We have the right products to solve the pain-points for various lifecycles of your business. Within our easy to use platform.

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As many apps as you need

We know that businesses have a lot of needs. From simple websites, blogs to internal tools, they have needs for a lot of things. That's why we offer a suite of apps that will help you to set up in minutes.

Completely customizable

All our products are customizable with custom branding, custom events and even custom code.

Easy signup

No hoops and loops to register. Just create a company account and install apps.

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Same app, multiple instances

You can have multiple instances of the same app installed within a company. For example, if you need different todo apps for each department, you can do that.

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Easy payments

Pay a single bill which includes all your subscriptions and get a detailed invoice for the same.

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Simplified app updates

You get newer versions of the app very often and bugs are fixed as soon as they are found.

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100% satisfied

Use our business apps as much as you like. You can stop the subscription for any of your apps individually and thus have a control over your billing.

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Easy trials

You will get a free trial for all the apps and you can test them out before paying.

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Gift your business a good and efficient way to use software

All our apps are built for businesses like yours. We understand the pain of running a business, as is ours, thus we create what we would like to use.

Businesses are our bread and butter

We know how critical your business is to you. We understand your pain because most of the time, its our pain too. We want software to work for you, that's why we build by keeping you in our minds.

Our Love

We take building businesses very seriously. We understand the pain. So we build products that are passionate and serves businesses very well.

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