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We know the pain. Our vast set of products (or apps, as we call them) will help you run your business smoothly.

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Numerous apps.

Unlimited instances.

You can install our apps multiple times without any additional charges. Let's say - multiple departments need separate CRM instances. Fret not. You can do that with EleganceWorks.

Customizable, to a fault

Make it your own. From colors to look and feel, imitate your company's branding.

Easy signup

No hoops and loops to register. Just create a company account and start installing apps.

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Same app, multiple instances

You can have multiple instances of the same app installed within a company. For example, if you need different to-do apps for each department, you can do that.

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Easy payments

Pay a single bill that includes all your subscriptions and get a detailed invoice for the same.

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Simplified app updates

You get newer versions of the app often. Bugs are solved as soon as possible leaving you worry-free.

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100% satisfied

Use our apps as much as you like. Stop if you don't like what you are using. We will refund for the entire month, no questions asked.

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Easy trials

You will get a free trial for all the apps. Take advantage of the opportunity and make an informed decision.

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Business operations are our bread and butter

We know how critical your business is. We understand your pain since most times, it is our pain as well. We want the software to work for you, for us, and many other businesses. That is why we keep building - with you in our minds.

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