About us

We are a passionate team desiring to disrupt how small and mid-market businesses operate. We love innovating and pushing our limits so that our customers can benefit from our heavy lifting.

What started this?

The idea for our platform started a decade back when our founder ran his first startup. He had witnessed first-hand how difficult it was to run a startup and manage day-to-day activities that resulted in the growth of the company. There were gaps in the toolsets that left a lot to be desired. We are set to challenge the status quo and bring about a disruption to the business platforms and products.

He had vowed to make it easier for other businesses, to build a platform that is solely working to make it better for others who are experiencing the same difficulties.

What's our team like?

We are a team of people with different but unique skills. Everyone is proud of their passion, and their goal - to make businesses easier to manage. That is why our hiring process looks at those who have "been there, done that" and bring them together to build our products.

We are here to disrupt.

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